Program Goals

:-By the end of this program the graduates of the engineering programs should be able to

O1. Apply knowledge of mathematics and science and adopt a holistic problem solving approach for fundamental engineering problems holistic problem solving approach for fundamental engineering problems and complex, ambiguous, open-ended challenges and scenarios.

O2.  Design a system, architectural projects as well as conduct experiments and analyze data to meet the required needs with creativity and mastery.

O3. Use the techniques, and appropriate engineering tools, necessary for engineering practice and project management with considering the impacts of engineering solutions on society& environment.

O4.  Demonstrate knowledge of cultural diversity, community needs and the impact of building and urban planning on community character and identity.

O5. Work and communicate effectively with in multi-disciplinary teams with recognizing the new role of architectural engineer as the leader of design projects and coordinate all of the disciplines – to create a sustainable environment.

O6. Demonstrate knowledge, investigative and visualize / conceptualize skills of contemporary engineering issues.

O7.  Display professional and ethical responsibilities and engage in self- and life-long learning.