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  • البرامج العلمية المتخصصة بنظام الساعات المعتمدة

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Faculty of Engineering at Benha Latest News

Prof.Dr. Khalid bd EL-Gafer, the minister of higher education announces the recommendations of the education forum which was organized in Benha University from 22-2-2017 to 25-2-2017. This announcement takes place after a…
The president of Benha University, the deputies, the faculties' deans, the faculties' members, the teaching assistants and the students condemn the terrorist attack in the north of Sinai against the Christians. The…
Benha University organizes many workshops in its faculties to warn the employees against corruption from 18-2-2017 to 28-2-2017. These workshops are in the frame of the university's plan to fight corruption. These…
The faculty council approves, in 14-2-2017, to appoint prof.Dr. Muhammad Samir an assistant lecturer in the mechanical engineering department as he obtains the master degree.