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Faculty of Engineering at Benha
Latest News

Latest News (996)

Faculty of Engineering at Benha Latest News

Prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied, the University president stresses that the University is the experience home for qulubia governorate and the local community, so there should be a clear-cut vision of Benha University with…
Prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied attends the monthly meeting of the supreme council of the universities under the presidency of prof.Dr. Khalid Abd Gaffer and in the presence of prof.Dr. Muhammad Latif , the…
Prof.Dr. alaa Abd el-halim, the governor of qulubia, prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby and prof.Dr. Muhammad Mansur attend the proceedings of the 13th conference about the legal opinions of the financial comprehensiveness in the…
Prof.Dr. Khalid Abd EL-Gaffer announces that his Excellency Mr. President/ Abd EL-Fattah EL-Sisi issues a decree to appoint prof.Dr. Gamal EL-Saied as the new president of Benha University.